THEY’VE sorted out their differences and they’re happy together!

This is according to maskandi musician Dulas Magubane, who was on Tuesday’s episode of the Mzansi Magic show, Mnakwethu.

The show came under fire after social media users said both Dulas and the potential second wife, Zinhle Mhlongo, disrespected the first wife, Sheila Dlamini.

Dulas told the People’s Paper: “I know Zinhle has a temper but I didn’t expect she would speak like that.

“When the people from Mnakwethu left I asked her why she would speak like that on TV with the whole country watching. But we talked things through and we’re fine. They even call each other regularly and speak now.”

He said he was aware people thought he had disrespected his wife, but he didn’t.

“I was calm. I was just asking her to accept Zinhle. But I apologise to people because they felt as if I disrespected my wife. If I did, it really wasn’t my intention.” He said he was still planning to pay lobola for Zinhle but it wouldn’t happen soon.

Dulas Magubane says his family is fine and happy now. Photo from Facebook

“The main reason we went to the show was to let Sheila know about Zinhle. Now that it’s out of the way we’ll get into the lobola as time goes by.”

He said people were threatening to boycott his CD launch in April because of the show. He said they must come through and meet both Zinhle and Sheila and see they are fine.

A KZN paper claimed the show was staged but Dulas said none of them were acting.