LAST night’s episode of Sun’Ceda was one to remember.

This week we visited DJ Kay, who’s physically challenged.

The young talented DJ isn’t letting that stand between him and his dreams.

He’s taught himself how to DJ using his feet and plans to take the music scene by storm.

Speaking to SunBuzz, host Stoan Seate said he hoped DJ Kay’s story would inspire many people.

“Many able-bodied people out there don’t reach half of their dreams because of lack of self-belief. I hope his story has touched many and will have a good impact on some people’s lives.”

The 45-year-old musician said the young DJ is a true example that being physically challenged doesn’t mean you’re not able.

“Getting to know him and where he comes from, I realised that being physically challenged doesn’t mean you’re not able to get things done.”

“I was told that he once wanted to be part of a choir, but since he couldn’t he found a different way to express his love for music, which is amazing because he doesn’t back down,” he said.

The Bongo Maffin group member said DJ Kay’s excitement when he saw DJ Fresh melted his heart.

“He really has big love for music, knows his icons and named Fresh as one of his favorite DJs.

“But not because of the popularity, but because of the business.

“I hope people are going to look out for him and that he stays on his path because, with the perspective he has, he can go a long way in the music business,” he said.

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