DJ BARKZZ is spreading love to people of his kasi who are living with disabilities.

Although he is also disabled, he is not letting it get in the way of helping others.


Barkzz, whose real name is Lloyd Babedi, told Daily Sun he was born with a C-shape spine and club feet. He was classified as a disabled person in 2001 after a failed corrective spine operation.

“I was wheelchair bound, but with determination and physiotherapy I went from using a wheelchair to using crutches in three years,” he said.

The 32-year-old from Alexandra, Joburg, started his organisation Barkzz Foundation in 2015. Its aim is to help those living with disabilities.


“As hard as it is, it’s important to let go of the past and accept where you are,” said Barkkz.

He said his foundation started when he and a friend raised funds for a young boy in his kasi to get a wheelchair.

Barkkz foundation beneficiaries: Supplied Photo by

“It was a success as we managed to get the wheelchair for the young boy. We started getting more requests. It was then that I decided to register a non-profit organisation.”

Last year the foundation donated more than 50 wheelchairs, 10 pairs of crutches and three artificial legs around Gauteng. Last month, the foundation took 11 people living with disabilities to a computer school. They are expected to graduate next month.

Lloyd Babedi is the founder of Barkkz Foundation. Photos by Collen Mashaba