WHAT’S the first thing you feel when you wake up in the morning?! Well, for actor and fitness fanatic Clint Brink – it’s gratitude and seeing the most important person in his life – his wife Steffy Van Wyk- Brink.  

The former Scandal! star never shies away from showing his wife some appreciation.

He took to social media to declare that when he opens his eyes in the morning and sees his wife, that serves as confirmation of God’s love and favour in his life. 

The star further praised his wife for being a one of a kind woman.  

He wrote: “What’s the first thing You feel when you wake up in the morning? For me it’s gratitude. Seeing my wife when I open my eyes in the morning is confirmation of God’s love and favor for me. Her bubbly personality. Her weird scenes of humor. Every the optimist. A fighter. A warrior. With love for God , love and people. A confident , strong woman with a heart of Gold. For people like my wife life can often times be difficult. Strong women are always misunderstood and often forced to conform. They are seldom supported by other women and are seen as constant competition. Good and Big hearted people like her are also surrounded by situations and people who seek to take and not fully replenish. In my eyes she’s a work of art that I’ve been blessed to call my friend , lover , wife , teacher , care giver , supporter , motivator and in house inspiration. It’s not the big achievements or things she does .. but the things that she doesn’t know I notice in her character that allows me to see God’s grace and favor upon our lives.”