BUSISIWE “Cici” Twala had temporary paralysis after she was allegedly dragged by a car for up to 300m by her ex, Arthur Mafokate in 2017.

This was according to witness Dr Thomas Ramokgopa.

Ramokgopa took the stand in the Midrand Magistrates Court yesterday, where the King of Kwaito was appearing on assault charges.

Ramokgopa said his findings showed Cici was in pain and couldn’t move.

“She had bruises on the left side of the pelvic area.

“The skin over the bone was affected and that part of her body was swollen because of internal bleeding. The rest of the body was fine.”

He said Cici had a broken bone in the pelvic area, which could have led to her losing dangerous amounts of blood, but in this case the bleeding was controlled.

Asked if the injuries Cici suffered were consistent with her story, Ramokgopa said: “Yes, I would say so. She had abrasions. If you fall and I drag you, you will have abrasions.”

Days after the incident, Cici took to social media to say she may never have children due to the injuries she sustained during the incident.

But Ramokgopa said when she asked him about having kids, he said she could have as many as she wanted.

When asked if there was a possibility of permanent injuries, he said: “At that time we weren’t able to determine permanent injury or damage.”

Arthur, who was with his lawyers, was dressed in a grey suit and white shirt. He refused to speak to Daily Sun, saying he was told not to speak to the media.