RISE FM presenter Zukiswa Vutela is saying goodbye to her nicknames Zookey Zarling and MamCool.

This because the former Gagasi FM and Vuma FM presenter has become a sangoma, and will now be using her ancestral name Ndlovukati DumiZulu.

Zukiswa said giving up the names she had spent 20 years working hard for was the hardest part of her initiation journey.

“Because I was using these names for my show, I was forced to change to Zukiswa,” she said.

She said she was not shocked when she discovered that she had a calling because there had been signs since she was a child.

“I grew up in Eswatini, living with my aunt because I was very ill. I continued to face health issues, but somehow managed to avoid my calling,” she said.


Zukiswa said when she was 24, she decided to accept her calling.

“I started the journey back then and graduated in August 2021.”

Zukiswa said she was bullied by her friends before accepting her calling. And every time she went to a sangoma, they would chase her away and tell her to embrace her gift.

“The signs were always there. I was attracted to mountains, bushes, rivers and the ocean.

“I was the child who would enjoy swimming in the waterfall rather than playing with others.”

Zukiswa has encouraged people to find their true self and do what they have to do for their happiness and health.

“I don’t subscribe to abantu bazothini. Other people don’t pay my bills. I do what I have to do,” she said.