Gqom queen, Busiswa flew the SA flag high internationally weeks back after it was revealed that she and Moonchild featured on The Lion King's soundtrack, The Gift on the song, My Power.

The Lion King: The Gift was curated and compiled by multi-award winning global star Beyonce, who was the executive producer on the album. Beyonce featured Busiswa and Moonchild on the song.


Ever since, the Ngoku hitmaker has been spreading love and showing her fans and fellow artists nothing but love. 

It was not long ago when singer, Lady Zamar was criticized on social media, following her S.A Idol's guest judge appearance. 

Trolls made fun of her skin, her judging skills and more.

But Busiswa being the Queen that she is took it upon herself to speak up for the Collide singer. 


Moonchild posted on Instagram a short video clip speaking of “when queens fix each other’s crown”

In the video, Busiswa was seen appreciating Moonchild in front of a huge crowd with a beautiful and big portrait of Moonchild.

Busiswa emphasized on the words: “There are many times you encouraged me to keep going.”

The queens revealed amazing stories about each-other using touching words.