While the world is obsessed with light-skinned people, former Miss SA Bokang Tshabalala has said she loves her "brown-skinned son".

The model, who is married to soccer star Siphiwe Tshabalala, penned a heartfelt message on her Instagram account, in which she said she deeply loves her son, Owethu.

She said she has never experienced such intense love.

She wrote: "To my dear handsome brown-skinned son:Let me repeat this In case you need a reminder... I love you with all my heart. My love for you is not the light hearted type, it is deep, it knows no law, no pity and it will crash remorselessly all that stands in its way... my love for you is that of a lioness protecting its cubs... I have never experienced such intense and beautifully humbling love in my life... I still can’t believe your soul chose me. Ke go rata ka pelo yaka kamoka Owethu".

Bokang is always letting her social media followers just how much her family means to her with heartfelt posts.