TV personality Boity Thulo has told her fans and followers that they are going to have to get used to the idea of her using snuff in public, after getting stares while doing so in the past.

The star has opened up before about using smokeless tobacco, telling Tumi Morake on WTF Tumi last year that she often carries it around in her handbag.

“Peeps are gonna have to get used to seeing me take snuif in public, hey. The stares are wild” she posted, telling her followers on Twitter.

The post led to so many questions, including how often she sneezes after taking it.But it seems fans still haven't got the message that it is a thing, and have been wilding out there when they see Boity roll up and snuff and Boity did her best to answer their questions.

The convo drew mixed reaction from fans with some questioning why she was taking snuff, while others joked about buying her a cake shaped as a tub of snuff.