Prince Kaybee tweeted a picture of him and this turned into a feud between him and the Monate Mpolaye hit maker Cassper Nyovest.

Moyana tsundzula decided to comment on Prince Kaybee’s tweet.

“I bet Casper Nyovest inspired this nigga to work hard on his body,” said Moyana.

Prince Kaybee did not let it slide, yesterday he replied to that tweet by asking: “So you think my arms were inspired by someone who doesn’t have them?”

This did not sit well with Nyovest, this morning he decided to give Prince Kaybee a little piece of his mind.

“If only you could stop editing your pictures to make your waist smaller. You have Bad b***h tendencies,” said Nyovest.

Cassper’s fans are urging him to stop taking things personal.

“I know you feel attacked but you're better than this Cass. Let's not make such comments a thing for social media please! Continue doing your own Great Stuff and don't feed into negative energy Please,” said Ceejay.

Thembi said Nyovest needs to stop entertaining everything negative tweet about him.

“If you continue taking everything so personal, you’ll be broken. You need to stop,” she said.