Babes Wodumo has "accepted" Tha Simelane’s apology.  

This is according to Tha following their teary interview.  

“Initially I tried to reach out to Babes Wodumo but I failed… I guess her cellphone was off.  I then sent her a text message apologising and she accepted my apology. I even spoke to her boyfriend, Mampintsha. I'm relieved that both Mampintsha and Babes understand it was a mistake.

"I know Babes is still hurting and I’ve decided to give her space to calm down. I even spoke to her sister Nondumiso, who also happens to be Babes' manager, and she understands that I meant no harm. I spoke to them because I wanted to iron things out,” Tha said.

The live Instagram show titled SA Diamond Divas happened last Thursday. It featured four female celebrities, namely Busiswa, TDK Macasse, Tipcee and Babes Wodumo. Tha is the host of this show.  


But the last edition of this show went horribly wrong.

From the beginning of the interview, Babes, whose real name is Bongekile Simelane, made it clear that she was drunk and that she does not want to say things that will end up trending on social media. Instead of cutting the interview, Tha continued.

At the end of an interview, Tha accused Babes of using cocaine.

Tha has since apologised for his utterances and actions.

“That interview should not have happened, I could have waited for her to sober up but I failed her. I did not call her to expose her weaknesses, she is my sister after all. But I guess I got carried away and emotions took over,” said Tha.  

He said he started this Instagram show to profile celebrities. “The idea behind my show is to bring various celebrities on the show, to profile them and let them share their experiences with us as the public. In return I am also getting profiled. But what happened on Thursday was never planned. It went horribly wrong that is why I apologised to Babes,” said Tha.

Despite this, the show will go on. “I know I’ve made a big mistake but the show must go on. As it is I have a list of celebrities who are eager to be on my Instagram show. I shall be releasing a poster before Thursday."    

Daily Sun tried to get Babes' comment but there was no answer. Phone calls, WhatsApps and text messages were sent to her manager, Nondumiso Simelane, but she failed to respond.