LEGENDARY DJ, producer and businessman Oskido has urged fellow musicians to invest in property!

The musician, whose real name is Oscar Mdlongwa (51), said people should use their money to buy important things and not materials that lose value.

He told Daily Sun: “I wanted to share this message as property is the way to go right now. Young musicians need to get themselves into property before they’re no longer big brands.”

He said he was saddened by the fact that many musicians died with nothing to their names.

Oskido said it was important to secure their space in property as they would have something to point to in the end.

He said this would help them in the future in case things don’t go their way.

“I’m into it as we speak and trust me, you will never go wrong with this,” he said.

He said he would be happy if the message was received.

Oskido said musicians rented big apartments and paid other people’s bonds.

“Many people just want to be seen living flashy lifestyles on social media.

“I’m against it because you are helping someone do better in life while you can also do great,” he said.

He told the People’s Paper young people should familiarise themselves with this.

Oskido said he bought his first property in 1996.

He said musicians could save to buy a house or check at the bank whether they qualified for a home loan.

Oskido said he has never lost any investments as he consulted with the right people.

“There is nothing to lose there. One just needs to do the right thing. I’m happy where I am,” he said.

He told the SunTeam he was also busy with new music to be released this month.

Oskido said he worked with his team Brothers of Peace and rapper Kid-X.