MC and influencer Ntombeningi is on a mission to make maskandi gay-friendly.

Ntombeningi, known for his funny skits on social media, is calling on gay men who want to be maskandi singers to follow their dreams.

The performer, whose real name is Sabelo Sithole, told Daily Sun that he was working on a song called Isililo with Khuzani Mpungose and Dr Buselaphi.

He said he hoped the song would open people’s minds.

“Maskandi singers are known as scary people who love tradition and don’t take nonsense. But I found myself among them and they love me,” he said.

“People always ask how is it that I’m loved by them. I chose Khuzani and Dr Buselaphi because I want to break that stereotype.


“Even among maskandi artists are gay people who are afraid of coming out. This will encourage them to be free.”

Ntombeningi wanted to be the bridge between the gay and maskandi communities.

“Some people want to be maskandi musicians, but they’re scared of being judged and called names.

“At first I thought maskandi musicians wouldn’t support me, but then I realised that they were not as bad as people thought.

“According to my research, no maskandi artist has ever collaborated with a proudly gay man. This will be history and open doors for other people.”

Ntombeningi hoped that his project fulfilled his mission.

“I know this will open doors for people who wish to be maskandi musicians. I went through a lot, being treated like an outcast, and it ends with me. I’m doing this so that other people do not go through what I did.”

Ntombeningi, who said he was also working with Big Zulu, wished to work with Ntencane and Imfez’emnyama soon.