Durban celebrity business couple Sbu and Shauwn Mpisane have reportedly filed for divorce and their son, Andile Mpisane, is now spilling all the beans. 

After investigations that allegedly resulted in the controversial Mpisane family having to withdraw their ownership of PSL football club, Royal Eagles FC recently, Andile Mpisane has come out to drag his father in a two part Instagram post.


Andile took to Instagram to tell how his mom has been vilified by her 'estranged husband' in the papers all in the name of money and greed. 

He further details how his dad fathered 4 children while still married to his mother and he used his mothers money to maintain his estranged children and how he ran his businesses to the ground that were financed by his mom.


"The lies and the cheating that resulted in him fathering, at least four kids at this time outside of his marriage, that I am aware of... using her hard earned resources to maintain them."

“Yesterday was a bitter sweet day... I have been in quiet observation of how uMa wami has been vilified by her estranged husband in the papers. I have kept the ‘indaba zabantu abadala’ but now, my name too is dragged into it, by someone who should have been my protector... From as far as I can remember my mother has been the nurturer of my passions,” he wrote before explaining how Shauwn Mpisane always believed in his passion for soccer to a point where she purchased a football club all for his passion.

“…She saw my love for football and took it upon herself to cash in her, PERSONAL, dividend fund to purchase what was then Sivusta Football Club, with the sole aim to groom & nurture MY passion. She dove in head first and wholeheartedly into the world of football. Walked the corridors of football, with confidence,” he explained.

Andile, who is known for taking matching outfit pictures with his mother, also continued to accuse his father of neglecting the football club until it faced relegation and also called him out for resenting him after Shauwn had left a legacy for him.

“For years I watched uMa wami, reduce her brilliance to raise up her husband’s ego - giving him positions and joint credit, where most in the boardroom new he had no contribution to. Unfortunately, what she bought, thinking it was for my legacy, created a resentment towards me from her husband. From June 2014, he became more distant and colder. I too became distant because as a teenage boy child, I had started seeing the treatment he gave my mother.”

"Part 2/2The lies and the cheating that resulted in him fathering, at least four kids at this time outside of his marriage, that I am aware of... using her hard earned resources to maintain them. You see uMa, tried elevating her husband by setting him up with his own businesses, that she would still pump money into, because yet again, she couldn’t bare his emasculation, as self inflicted as it was... those have all since closed since their separation, as he ran them dry.

Yesterday, I bid farewell to the legacy uMa had set up for me. Yesterday I truly felt pain for my mother, who had endured 25 years of marriage with a sucker of her blood. As bitter as it was to let go of ROYAL EAGLES FOOTBALL CLUB, it was worth more to maintain the carefree spirit, with no anxiety I have seen on uMa since the separation from her husband. He is her husband, because he won’t grant her the wish to be divorced of him. He continues to slander her through media and gossip, yet she still maintains his life as he lives in HER property. Not paying a single utility bill. I call him her husband and not my father because a father would not go on 2 years without speaking to his son. A father would not intentionally LIE & STEAL what was built for his son. A father provides and does not take from the mother to rob his son. 

I wish the club all of the best in this new GLAD Championship season and know that we will stay family in our hearts. These are tough and confusing times, being led by a man who failed at leading his own household, it won’t be easy, but we trust he will seek the minds of those who know leadership, because the club is bigger than one family’s dispute, as many families depend on it..."He posted on Instagram