H ip-hop artists Ntokozo Zakwe and Duncan are in studio working on an album.

“It’s a strictly hip-hop album with a kasi touch. On this album, we’e talking about our journey in the music industry. We’re also talking about the challenges and the highs and lows of the music industry,” said Zakwe.

“So far we’ve made 14 songs and we hope to make at least 20.

“But this doesn’t mean all of them will make onto this album.”

The album will be released mid-November. However, it hasn’t been titled yet.

According to Zakwe, the album aims to intensify working relations between Mabala Noise and Afrotainment.

“It’s also important for me to clarify that this is a music project between Afrotainment and Mabala Noise. The intention is to strengthen our working relations. For a long time we haven’t been doing collaborations and this created a void between us.

“The reality is that we’ve missed each other and that’s why we are starting with these collaborations,” said Zakwe.

Duncan said the album with Zakwe was long overdue.

“We should’ve have done this a long time ago, but we were both committed. I’m glad we’ve finally managed to do this.

“For me this is the best hip-hop collaboration and I have no doubt it will take hip-hop to another level,” he said.

“The songs on this album are both educational and motivational. All the songs were written by us.”