SINGER and actress Nelisiwe Sibiya said acting has helped her heal after losing her dad.

The Durban Gen actress said being on the medical drama series has healed her and taught her how to deal with trauma.

In an Instagram post, she said her dad was shot and killed in front of her and she recently filmed a scene that triggered her.

Nelisiwe, who plays as Dr Mbali, is in a love triangle which recently took a sour turn.

Her fiance, Sbusiso (Ntando Mncube) shot her side piece, Dr Lindelani (Mike Ndlangamandla) on Thursday.

“Today’s shooting scene reminded me of how I got so traumatised. It brought back all the pain when I was young at the age of 8/9 when my dad was shot in front of me,” she wrote.

Nelisiwe said through the show, she learnt how to deal with her trauma. She said her dad was hunted down and eventually killed.


“I remember I cried so hard and got really sick. Sense memory really dribbled me that day. It taught me how important it is to deal with our childhood trauma,” she continued.

The singer, who rose to fame in 2018 after releasing her single Mama Ka Bafana, said being on Durban Gen has been a blessing.

She wrote: “Playing the character of Mbali in Durban Gen is nothing but a blessing... I am acting but at the same time healing.”

Durban Gen airs on on weekdays at 6.30pm.