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Discussing funeral insurance while enjoying breakf
Discussing funeral insurance while enjoying breakfast.  ~ 

CAPITEC’s Brent Moore says: Capitec’s funeral plan, underwritten by Centriq Life, insures family and extended family from newborn to 85 years of age.

Here are the maximum cover amounts:

Policyholder (18 – 64 years) R100 000

Spouse (18 – 64 years) R100 000

Children (newborn – five years) R20 000 each

Children (six – 13 years) R50 000 each

Children (14 years and older) R60 000 each

Parents (26 – 85 years) R50 000 each

Extended family (0 – 85 years) R50 000 each.

The total amounts that can be paid out for a child’s death is restricted by legislation.

Additional benefits include:

Waiting Period Waiver 

If you switch from a funeral policy with any other registered insurer and that policy’s waiting period is over, Capitec will waive your waiting period for natural death for the same life assureds and related cover amounts as your previous policy.

There’s no waiting period in the event of an accidental death.

Double Accidental Death benefit

From day one, the funeral payout is doubled if a life assured dies from accidental causes.

This is limited to the maximum cover amounts allowed for children, as prescribed by law.

Voluntary Policy Pause

Pause your plan for up to six months without any monthly premium payments and with no cover. You can restart your plan any time in the six-month period to reactivate your cover and premium, and get the same full benefits of the plan.

This benefit has an initial waiting period of 24 months, and can be applied for on an unlimited basis (subject to a further 24-month waiting period) over the term of the policy.

Newborn Premium Waiver

If you apply, you get full cover for up to six months without any monthly premium payments as soon as the policyholder or spouse (also a life assured) gives birth or adopts a child.

This benefit has an initial waiting period of 12 months. It can be applied for on an unlimited basis (subject to further 12-month waiting periods) over the term of the policy.

To claim this benefit, simply provide an unabridged birth certificate within three months of the birth or legal adoption.

Burial Repatriation

This benefit covers the transport of mortal remains of a life assured from within South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique to the funeral home of choice closest to the place of burial in South Africa.

It also includes transportation arrangements and overnight accommodation for one family member accompanying the remains.

Death Premium Waiver

If the policyholder dies 12 months after the policy’s inception, the remaining life assureds on the funeral plan will continue to receive full cover for a further six months from the date of the policyholder’s death without any monthly premium payments, giving them time to reorganise their financial lives.

This waiver is activated automatically upon the registration of the policyholder’s death.

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