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- One pint blueberries

- ½ cup semi-sweet red or white wine

- ¼ cup syrup

- ¼ cup heavy cream

- ¼ cup cream cheese

- Four tablespoons sugar

- ¼ cup plain digestive biscuit crumbs


  • Puree blueberries, wine, and syrup into blueberry mix.
  • Beat heavy cream and sugar in a cold bowl until soft peaks form. Fold in beaten cream cheese to make cheesecake mix.
  • Portion out ¼ cup of cream cheese mix into a separate bowl, combine with digestive biscuit crumbs – crumb mix.
  • Place cheesecake mixture into three separate plastic bags and cut off a corner to create a small opening.
  • Pour two tablespoons of blueberry mixture into each opening.
  • Squeeze tablespoon of cheesecake mix on top of blueberry layer.
  • Squeeze small dollop of digestive biscuit mix on top of cheesecake mix. Continue layering until openings are reached.
  • Cover top of popsicle mold with foil, place popsicle stick in center and freeze overnight.

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