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All parents have great dreams for their children! They have aspirations to see them grow up to be educated, courageous, authentic and secure. Your parenting style can determine the success of your child.

The path to your child’s leadership is in your hands. You can model behaviour that equips children to be a success in this competitive world, and not fall victim to a mentality that will enslave and limit them.

Here are some skills that will equip your children:

- Teach them self-confidence

- Model good decision making skills

- Allow children to solve their own problems

- Encourage teamwork

- Teach budget and savings habits from an early age

- Encourage activities.

There is no exact science to raising successful children. Shielding a child too much disables them from reaching their full potential. Allow your children to try new things, within reason, to boost their self-esteem. Supporting children whether they pass or fail will build their confidence. This is a solid characteristic for a future leader. Your greatest assignment in this life is preparation.

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