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Khanyi, I’m dating a guy who is 10 years older than me. He used to tell me he wanted to marry me as soon as possible, but all of a sudden he doesn’t want me to mention it. He wanted to have a child with me out of wedlock and I agreed. And now I’m confused. I don’t know if I have to keep on trying to conceive – or wait until we get married.

WE ALL DREAM OF BEING SOMEONE’S WIFE, and walking down the aisle in a white dress. But before you do that, you and your man need to be in tune.

You need to be financially stable and mentally ready. My advice to you is that you wait until marriage to have a child.

Because, if anything should go wrong after you give birth, God forbid, that baby is yours, with sleepless nights and runny noses.

You need to focus on getting the spark back into your love life and reignite the flame.

KICK IT! Pregnancy won’t make him love or marry you.


I’ve known my boyfriend for seven years and our relationship is on and off. I love him deeply and want him to be the father of my children, but he only calls me when he wants me to come to his house and have sex. We never talk about our future, he doesn’t buy me anything, he doesn’t know my strengths and my weaknesses. I can’t confront him because I feel I’m going to lose him. What must I do?

FEAR WILL HELP YOU TO LOSE HIM! Fear and love can never live in one house. Love is kind, gentle and patient. Voice yourself, honey, or your silence will damage what you cherish so much. Sometimes, men need schooling. So love him enough to help him. KEEP IT. It’s yours to lose!

SHY GUY writes:

Hello, Khanyi. I’m shy to approach a lady I like. I’m 25 and the last time I had a girlfriend was three years ago. I’m still sexually pure. How do I overcome my shyness?It’s really eating me up. Your advice will behighly appreciated.

CONGRATULATIONS ON KEEPING YOUR VIRGINITY! But you need to start having asocial life and get out more. At 25, life is about enjoying your youth and discovering your social circle. Also,discover what and who you are attracted to.

Establish a good group of people who share similar interests. Start getting out – and trust me – in six months’ time, you’ll have seen and heard what you long for.

But remember, never try to find love! It always finds us and it knows when we are ready. Like animals, we put out a certain scent when we’re ready. Just stay positive and LIVE! KICK IT!

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