2 years ago
Abuchi Udebuani is unhappy about his damaged car.  Photo by Ezekiel  Morake
A badly damaged Peugeot car belonging to Abuchi- Photo by Ezekiel Morake

THE magosha claims she loved her boyfriend so much that she even gave him her hard-earned money to help him buy a car.

But when she allegedly caught him cheating, the woman, only known as Norah (32), went wild and smashed the Peugeot’s rear window with a brick!

The crime of passion happened on Wednesday on a street in Bloemfontein, Free State.

“I helped buy this car with my punani money,” said Norah. “I thought we’d enjoy it together. If he thinks he can use my own car to cheat on me, he is very wrong.”

Abuchi Udebuani (28) admitted he had been the magosha’s boyfriend for the past two years.

“She used to live with me in my flat but she left. I loved her but I don’t want her anymore because she’s always embarrassing me,” said Abuchi.

But he denied poking other women, or that Norah had given him money to buy the car.

“I am not cheating on her. The woman she found me with is my ex-girlfriend. This is the fourth time Norah has damaged my car. I bought the car at an auction without her help,” said Abuchi.

But another magosha who witnessed Norah smashing the car said: “She did the right thing. She bought that car with the money she made poking men.”

Abuchi said: “I’m not going to open a case against her. I’ll just let it be. It would be a waste of my time attending a court case.

“I don’t want Norah near me again because I might do something stupid.

“I was just walking around the block when I met my ex-girlfriend. Norah felt jealous – I think she has insecurities.”

Captain Chaka Marope said: “The police intervened as a woman was attacking the car. No case has been opened.”

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